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We specialize in designing and executing patent strategies for early-stage tech companies. We’re committed to delivering high quality work product and informed, strategic legal advice for our clients. Here’s what we can do for you:​​

IP Strategy Consulting: If you’re an innovative tech startup, you have questions—can we patent this? should we patent this? now, or later? in which countries? what will it cost?

We specialize in helping you navigate these questions. We’ve been through the patent process with countless startups, and we understand that leveraging the patent system is a complex optimization challenge. We learn your business and your technology, and help you determine whether to file patent applications, where and when to file them, and how to maximize protection while respecting your budget.

Novelty & Patentability Search: Patentability search enables to check the patentability/novelty of an invention before applying for patent protection. The patentability search report helps a client in making the final decision of filing for patent registration. Further, patentability assessment helps in drafting a patent specification in highlighting the true novelty of the invention. We prepare comprehensive search report that cites similar patents and relevant literature to help ascertain the probability of a patent grant to an invention. Additionally, the report also opines on the specifics of the invention that can be patented and the scope of protection that would be granted.

Before an inventor/applicant applies for a patent, it is prudent on his part to assess whether any similar invention already exists in the prior art. Patenting an invention involves investment as well as dedicated effort and time. To indicate the chances of success in obtaining patent rights, we provide “IP Galaxy Score” read on a scale of 1-5 to indicate the chance of success if a patent application is filed based on the invention at hand.​​


Patent Validation/Invalidation Search: A patent validity/patent invalidity search is conducted after grant/issuance of the patent. The patent validity search is to validate the enforcement of patented claims and also to arrive valuation of the patent. On other the hand, the patent invalidity search is conducted to invalidate one or more claims of patents, and may use the invalidation report in the patent litigation proceedings or to file a post-grant opposition in India.

At IP Galaxy Services, we understand your patents from a commercial viewpoint and have expertise in conducting a number of Patent Validity Search/ Invalidity Searches. We conduct prior-art searches from patents, published patent applications, and non-patent literature, such as books, journals, relevant literature, and internet publications, apart from gathering information from prosecution history or file wrapper. We go beyond simple claim comparison and understand the entire specification as it relates to the claims at issue. Our search report typically consists of the search report, claim chart mapping and electronic copies of cited prior arts.


​​Patent Application Drafting: For many tech startups, the success of your business depends on your ability to protect your innovation, and your patent applications are a core business asset.

We have the technical acumen to understand your technology, the experience to grasp its implications, and the legal expertise to protect its value. We have drafted over 100 patent applications (provisional/non-provisional) for some of the most complex innovations. We draft and file US and international (“PCT”) patent applications, and handle all correspondence with the patent office through the entire life of the patent application, from start to finish. We have registered patent agents within the company, who have immense experience in drafting patent specifications.

​​Freedom to Operate Search/Clearance Search: Before you begin the commercialization of your product/technology, it is essential to conduct a Freedom to Operate (FTO) search to ensure that the desired product can be safely launched in a specific market (countries or regions) without infringing or violating third party intellectual property rights within that particular jurisdiction. It can be conducted at any stage of product life cycle to determine the direction of product/technology development. A FTO also comes in handy if there are valid intellectual property rights of someone else that might be infringed by any actions you plan to take. You could possibly get a freedom to operate with respect to any one of those rights by reaching some sort of agreement for a license with the owner of those IP rights.




Patent Portfolio Analysis: Effective analysis and organization of your company's patent portfolio helps to evaluate potential business opportunities. We deep drive to identify the strength and weakness of your portfolio, based on a number of technical, legal and commercial parameters.



​​Patent Landscapes Studies: A Patent Technology Landscape analysis help our client to understand the market involving a particular technology, the latest development involving such technology and the strengths of its competitors. The study helps a client to take important decisions and strategies involving the R&D of a product, investing into certain areas of technology, identifying patent trends, understanding the competitors’ strategy amongst others.

Not only does the landscape analysis gives one a picture of its competitors, it also determines the IP portfolios of the companies involved and where a product, if launched, will stand in the market. Patent landscape not only helps to understand the market and develop a patent strategy, it also helps one to understand the trends in the market, identify its competitors and the activities undertaken by its competitors, trends affecting specific technological sub specialties and in which region is the research activity happening.

At IP Galaxy Services, understanding the technology domain of our client’s interest, an exhaustive search and detailed analysis of the documents (patent and non-patent literature) is prepared. To derive maximum value from the available resources, we represent the data graphically and a detailed taxonomy of the technology is provided. The report concentrates on the detailed analysis of specific technologies and can be customized as per client’s requirement.



Patent Infringement Analysis: Infringement analysis is conducted in order to determine whether a product or a process infringes upon an existing patent claim. In order to conduct an infringement analysis, firstly the scope of the claim should be determined and then it should be checked whether all elements of the claim are present in the device or process. One or more dependent claim includes each limitation of the claims from which it depends. A product cannot infringe the dependent claims if the product does not infringe an independent claim. Therefore, only the independent claims are analyzed for the patent infringement.



​​Evidence of Use search: After a patent is granted, one may wish to license or sell the patent in order to obtain monetary benefit on their invention. In such a scenario, evidence of use or infringement analysis has to be performed. Evidence of Use analysis involves finding products/processes that may infringe on one or more claims of the patent by mapping relevant patent claim elements to the target products/devices that were analyzed. Generally evidence of use provides graphical comparison between the claims of a patent and a product.

Office Action Technical Analysis:We help clients in drafting office action responses for their patent applications. Office Action drafting requires a thorough understanding of the patent law, the invention (technology), and the prior art cited by the examiner. Our team of highly skilled techno-legal professionals has extensive experience in not only drafting superior responses, but also in negotiating the scope of the with examiners.



​​Patent Drawings: Patent drawings (design/utility) are critical to any application and the more accurately the drawings are presented in the patents, the more clearly your ideas will be conveyed. Our illustrators have an experience of preparing drawings in all technical fields. They are equipped with state-of-the-art softwares and a secure proprietary delivery system, enabling the import and production of files in a variety of CAD and other formats.


Patent Filing:We can assist you in cost-effectively filing and prosecuting patent applications in almost all locations around the globe. We also help organizations in filing PCT applications with the WIPO, for Indian patent applicants. Our team of patent Attorneys are registered patent agents who are authorized to file patent applications before Indian Patent Office (IPO). Further, we have partnered with several patent attorneys outside India which facilitates of filing of patent applications outside India. Our partner patent attorneys who are located across the globe are known for delivering superior patent filing services.​​​